TV Licensing:
The BBC are a corporation that has no right to tax you, they have committed treason by showing bias toward and taking funding from the European Union and therefore breaching their royal charter. Since then we have seen the paedophile cover up, the BBC showing buildings collapsing twenty minutes before it actually happened (WTC bombing) and countless other crimes, you do not have to pay a TV license. We have successfully relieved people of the burden of a licensing fee.
So called court appointed bailiffs have a bad habit of signing their own court orders.
Under English Law only a judge or a magistrate under their oath of office may sign a court document anything else is utterance of a fraudulent court instrument and denial of due process.
Parking Fines:
Ever had a parking ticket from a supermarket car park? Most supermarket car parks are run by the local councils, under English Law councils cannot own land therefore they have no right to charge you. Again this is something we deal on a regular basis and always get the fines dismissed.
Debt Collection Agencies:
They are third party interlopers that have no right to interfere in your business, usually they buy up the debt at a discounted cost and then add their own costs to that, the thing is they have paid off your debt for you and also breached the Data Protection Act by buying your information. The company that sold on the debt is also in breach of the Data Protection Act.
Rogue Landlords:
We have seen a large increase with people having problems with rogue landlords usually about the condition of the property. Landlords have a duty of care to keep their properties well maintained and in a safe living condition, failure to do so can see them facing heavy fines from the Environmental Health and other relevant agencies.Another problem is people not getting their deposits repaid again this is something we deal with on a regular basis with a positive outcome.
A lot of members are concerned about schools levying fines based on regulations about taking their children on holiday and unauthorised absences, these are unlawful and against their own policies. They like to work on people’s fear of the courts that they are currently using to garner these fines. Not only are the schools breaking the law but also the courts have no lawful right to fine people. This is a simple case of corporations working against the people.
Do you know the difference between a constable and an officer, well let me tell you.
A constable will know about common law and uphold it as it states in his or her oath of office. A Police Officer will take the same oath of office and then breach it by acting for the crown corporation, in other words he or she is there to make money from you in an act of commerce. Never give your name, never sign anything, never say sorry and never ever reply that you understand them. By doing this you are giving them jurisdiction over you.
The Free Man Community Trust
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